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Managing Director


Maryanne is the firm’s Managing Director. As an experienced accredited family law specialist, Maryanne’s excellence as a lawyer is enhanced by her empathy with her clients and associates, and her many years of general law experience.

Maryanne joined Biddulph & Salenger in 1986 after working as a general practitioner with both country and city solicitors.

For many years Maryanne was a part time legal member of the Guardianship Tribunal where she developed skills in providing assistance to people with disabilities including the elderly with dementia.

Maryanne is a trained collaborative lawyer and mediator and was a founding member of the Northern Suburbs Collaborative Practice Group and a former President and committee member of Collaborative Professionals NSW.

Whether your matter is large or small, Maryanne applies the same zeal and attention. Any matter important to you is important to her.

Her preference at all times is to conserve your funds and to contain disputes using mediation, negotiation or collaboration, rather than engage in energy and money sapping litigation. For those matters where litigation is unavoidable she is a tenacious advocate committed to achieving just outcomes.

Maryanne encourages, supports and mentors all her lawyers and support staff to create a happy, focused and professional team available to help you.

Maryanne lives in the Blue Mountains.  Her regular commute allows her to indulge her favourite pastime of reading.  Otherwise her interests are her family (including animals), dragon boating, choir, theatre and voluntary participation in community organisations.