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Family Law

Common Family Law Fallacies

If you are in the unfortunate situation of going through a break-up you have probably heard all sorts of ‘advice’ from well-meaning friends and family.  Family and friends are a great source of emotional and practical support when you have separated, however good...Read More

Moving in together? Are we now in a de facto relationship?

Just because a couple is living together it does not automatically mean they are in a de facto relationship. There are many different factors in determining whether two people are living in a de facto relationship, such as whether they share bank accounts, are in a...Read More

Getting interim orders in the Family Court

Separated couples unable to resolve matters regarding parenting and finances through mutual agreement can apply for interim orders in the Federal Circuit Court (or Family Court for some more serious and complex cases). Interim orders are “temporary orders” and usually...Read More

Family law and cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) consists of encrypted digital forms of currency not distributed by banks. A popular example of a cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. As cryptocurrencies become more commonly used around the world, so too will their appearance in family law...Read More